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Friday, June 02, 2006
Introducing Myself (Annette)
Hello, fellow sojourners of the faith,

First off, I am so excited about this opportunity to "blog" with all of you! (This happens to be my first experience with blogging.) I have been challenged, encouraged, and inspired through the emergent conversation, and as I've shared before with some friends, if it were not for people/authors like Brian McLaren and some others, I'm not sure I would still want to be a Christian. The last two years have been rocky between me and my Lord, and as I've tried to hang on with all my might to my faith, I have found hope in the faith of sincere followers of Jesus (many of whom have been part of the emergent conversation). So I'm so excited to be able to further my seeking along with other thoughtful and open women!

I am 26 years old, am married to Jarred (for 5 years), and have 2 children (Dylan-2; Jaida-1). I'm currently a stay-at-home mom who is trying to cherish these experiences with my young children. Perhaps when they go to school, I will pursue teaching English (since that is what I spent 4 1/2 years of college studying). :-) My other interests are reading, journaling, writing poetry, singing, drama, social justice issues, and talking about the deeper sides of life (theology and so on).

I am part of an awesome church Koinos Community (koinoschurch.org), and it has also been a source of hope and inspiration for my faith. My husband and I (along with a handful of other couples/families) helped start Koinos about a year and a half ago. If ever any of you are in the Reading, PA area, please feel free to visit.

I look forward to sharing and gleaning from you all! Blessings!
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