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Wednesday, May 24, 2006
Me, Myself and I
Since we are doing an intro thing, thought I'd add to the pile.

My name is Charlotte Wyncoop, married 10 years this July to Matt, with three children Delilah (6), Corwin, (3) and Angeleah (1). Delilah is actually our second child, Samson our first child is no longer with us. Before you feel overly sorry for us, Samson and Delilah are our canine children. Corwin and Angeleah are our human children. :)

I enjoy thinking really deeply about stuff and I don't mind a good challenge, so feel free to blast away. Other things I enjoy: Books (to the point of obsession)- but they can't be good for me, they have to be sci fi or fantasy or future fiction or young adult or just plain well written...Outdoors, take me out into the woods with nothing but deer or rabbit trails to follow and I'm happiest. The next best thing is into a garden growing stuff. Art, it's more about how I look at the world than just what I create from it. For me it's being stopped dead in my tracks by the faintest blush of green across lichen on a fallen log at the first hint of spring. But I also love to create trompe d'oeil, realistic art. Other interests include: running (I wish I still did), biking (pulling two kids is tough), martial arts, geneology, science in general, ecology in particular, photography, computers, lots of church stuff, dog training in all its applications (Delilah backpacks, pulls a sled, bikes with us, does lots of tricks including some my husband really doesn't like, pheasant hunts, and we just got registered as a therapy dog team) The only other really defining thing about me is that I intend to be a renaissance woman - broadly educated in a variety of subjects, competent at everything, master at none. I am fascinated by how wide and deep and incredible this world of God's is. And I treasure and value the wonder I feel as an incredible gift from God.

Other than the stuff I do, I am deeply emotional (good and bad), scarred by an abusive father, afraid of many things, but am attempting to be mastered by none. My highest goal is to learn how to see people and love them the way Jesus did.

I am a journeywoman travelling a path filled with intentional experiences (intentional on my part and on God's). I am a vessel being shaped back to His original intent. I am His workmanship, at the very beginning stages, with much to look forward to. I'm new to blogging, so I still identify with my blog Girasoul When divinely illuminated, an iridescent soul that flares with fiery reflections
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