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Thursday, May 25, 2006
Janet Oberholtzer
I am Janet ... living in a small town in southeast PA. I have been living in this town for all but one year of my forty years on earth. (I know, someone is gagging right now) Though I love this area and the people, the sad thing is I am not a 'small town' type of girl. I love cities or large urban areas ... I like the options they offer. I also love the water and I am hours from an ocean or large lake. What's up with that?

With three teenage boys, Joshua almost 18, Joseph 16 and Jonathan 13, very connected to this area, friends, school, church, etc. I won't be moving anytime soon. Yes, three teenage boys ... there is never any food in the house :) but there is always plenty of elbowing and wrestling.

I am not connected to the Emergent movement in any way yet, but I have been reading and observing and I like what I see. My husband Jerry and I, along with the boys, have been committed to a local church for 18 years. It has been a bumpy ride at times, but all in all it has been good.

A Christian, yet very religious upbringing started my walk with God on a sour note. So, to get rid of that taste I ignored God for a time. He wasn't thrown by that, He just gently wooed me to Him. Now I can't help myself ... I love to search, ponder and discuss the truths of life. If I am not doing that, I am aimless and life is pointless. I also love to read, write, and create. Dialogue with others, whether that be during a meal, by email, in a study or over a good cup of coffee or wine, is the way I get energized and inspired for life. Give me some good discussion and laughter and then some time to ponder/process and I am a happy woman.

I was a runner for years ... loved most every minute of it. I ran races ranging from 3 miles to 26.2 miles. Due to too many leg injuries :( in an accident, running is out of the question right now. Because I know that my mental and emotional well-being is sharper if I am active physically, I switched to kayaking ... not the white water type, just lakes and rivers. Also, being in nature is the best way for me to connect with God.

I do believe in miracles.

According to the paramedics, the trauma surgeon and the medical records, I should have died on May 20, 2004 after a motorhome accident in CA. The surgeon also told my husband that if I survive, my left leg would need to be amputated and due to my crushed pelvis, I would probably not walk again. Thanks to technology, the skills of remarkable doctors willing to take risks to perform life-saving surgeries and God's miraculous healing power, today I am alive (obviously :) and I walk (gingerly) on my own two feet. A few hundred people lined both sides of the road in my town 6 weeks after the accident when I was well enough to fly home from CA. This sign was one of many I saw as the local police slowly escorted the van I was in through town. That my friends, is one of the great benefits of living in a small town my entire life. They really blessed me!

Life-changing injuries can bring up many questions and believe I asked them all ... Why me? Where was/is God in this? What did I do to deserve this? and many more. I am now at the place where I am learning to acknowledge the loss of the active part of myself while celebrating the miracle of life.
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