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Tuesday, June 06, 2006
Hi from Jan
Hi -- I'm Jan trying to serve God just outside our nation's capital. And I'm old. (The same age as Brian McLaren.)

After the 20th anniversary of my ordination in the (often boring, terribly distracted) mainline Presbyterian Church USA, I took a long-needed sabbatical and found myself worshipping with the Cedar Ridge Church. I had attended many an Easum-Bandy conference, and I resonated with pretty much all that Brian McLaren had to say.

But I also have memories of worshipping with a non-denominational church in my hometown of Chapel Hill which allowed nary a woman to lead worship much less preach. (Still hasn't happened, as far as I know.)

After serving a small congregation in upstate NY for 5 years and now serving a traditional yet aberrant congregation in Northern Virginia, I preach every Sunday to a congregation with a pipe organ and find that people connect with my messages but don't always connect with that pipe organ.

We are in the process -- God willing -- of planting a new congregation in our lower level which would be more appealing to those who are more familiar with The Fray than with Fanny Crosby. If you live in DC, if you want good Biblical scholarship, if you enjoy a good latte and find "Lost" to be fascinating, come hang out with us.

This I believe:

In life and death, we belong to God.
The (Not So) Brief Statement of Faith, PCUSA

We have confidence in Jesus who healed the sick, the blind, and the paralyzed . . .
Brian McLaren

When my soul was in the Lost and Found, You came along to claim it.
Carole King

God is good. And I have lots of women in ministry stories.
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