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Saturday, June 03, 2006
Hi Everyone! Checking In From the Beach!
I'm Sherri and I contribute an emerging voice from the highly populated margins of the prophetic Christian community! In the pattern of those who've posted before me, I offer my stats: age 53, emerging edgy, re-married to a wonderful teacher, Mom/Friend to four young men/sons and one lovely young lady/daughter ... all between the ages of 21-26, new, new grandma, a tennis player, avid reader and creator of ideas, and a pesty person of questions (which I feel a lot better about these days since I've recently studied that Mary of Magdala may very well had the same tendency!) My most recent ministry adventure was birthing an emerging church last year in VA Beach with 2 other women and 2 men as co-leaders and co-followers. Our faith community of 14 met for 6 months of pregnancy prep (Feb. - July 05) and we then officially gave birth to Generations Quest on July 30, 2005 in our own current house location. Having a passion for putting forth an image of Christianity in the context of hospitality (vs. the courtroom) we decided to invest in buying a house just for our community gatherings of worship and fellowship. It's been quite a first year; from the bliss of a newborn to the whimpers of a creeping crawler! We are building on the invitation issued in Prov. 9 from Lady Wisdom and She hasn't let us down. I love the openness of the 'emerging theology,' both the questions it has invited and the conversations it has generated. It has furnished so many good courses of food for the spiritual formation of our GQ community! Growing us ... Molding us ... Entertaining us ... Challenging us ... Giving us lots to play with ... Lots to Chew On ... It Fits Just Right!
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