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Monday, January 01, 2007
New Blogger
So after staying up way way too late last night playing poker at a church overnighter, I braved technology and switched the blog over to the new version of Blogger (which was really really easy). If you are a member of this blog, you will need to switch over as well (whenever it is available to you) in order to continue posting as a member. If something is weird with switching over and you need a new membership invite sent to rejoin just let me know.

One of the new features is the label feature for posts. When you create a new post, you have the option of adding labels to it that describe and categorize it. I'm in the process of going through and labeling our archived posts, but have created a "blog categories" section on the sidebar with the most popular categories. You can now access all posts within particular categories through that. It would help if as we created new posts, we tried to all use the same categories. A post can have multiple labels since I know it is hard to limit how some of them are categorized. The most common labels that I have used are - Blog Stuff, Book Discussions, Church, Community, Culture, Emerging Church, Events, Fun Stuff, Gender Issues, Politics, Social Justice, Theology, Weekly Round-Ups, and Women in Ministry. I know that some of those are very broad - like I use theology to refer to most things religious, biblical, spiritual, philosophical, and strictly theological. Gender Issues not only refers to general discussions about gender roles and the like, but other gender related issues like health, beauty, sexuality, and homosexuality. Anyway, I hope the categories prove helpful and aid discussion.

Happy blogging and Happy New Year!


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  • At 1/02/2007 07:48:00 AM, Blogger lydia

    1) I wish I could have played poker with y'all - most of my friends in Toronto aren't interested in it, so I haven't played in about a year now.

    2) I'm in the process of going through and labeling our archived posts

    Wow, that's a lot of work. Thanks for doing it for us.


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