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Wednesday, August 23, 2006
sex - without her consent
pops up all through the biblical narrative ... especially in-between the lines of the silent voice.

In speaking to any group with women in the mix, it is now 1 in 3 who have had at least one forced sexual encounter without their consent (church folks included!) A high percentage of encounters are with members of their own family. Has the modern church addressed this overwhelming issue of abuse? Will the emerging?

Which biblical stories need to emerge through our teaching so women can here God's voice, being able to find themselves in the biblical narrative? What stories give an understanding place for women to be heard? Is this one of the imperative reasons that women must emerge with an equal role in preaching and teaching so these stories have a chance to emerge with a fresh view?

I'll suggest Bathsheba, for starters. David saw, David sent for, she submits to his summons, he took, he sent away--life never to be the same. Bathsheba is voiceless in this part of the narrative, but issues of power, domination, fear, helplessness and humiliation are all potentially part of her side of the story of this notorious event. Can I hear her voice crying, "Let me tell my side of the story!"

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