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Friday, August 11, 2006
Role Models
A few times on this blog I've heard women lament the lack of female role models. There are few women to look up to, to learn from, to be inspired by. Its hard then for women to have a direction to follow, for in all honesty most of us are not the lone pioneer sort. I've sorely felt the lack of female mentors in my own life as well.

Although they may not be visible (yet), I know there must be fantastic female role models out there. Perhaps through this resource of a web we can connect to discover the voices we haven't yet heard. Can we start to tell their stories?

I encourage the readers here to share with us about the women they look up to. Be she famous or not, published, in ministry, local, family or whatever please tell us her story. Tell us about who she is, what you admire about her, link any public items like books, blogs, or speeches. Use the comments section or create her own post.

I'm interested to hear these stories and meet the women who inspire you.

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  • At 8/13/2006 12:44:00 PM, Blogger Adrienne

    My maternal grandmother and my mother have both been my biggest female role models.

    On a more global scale, Julie-Pennington Russell at Calvary Baptist in Waco has been a big pioneer for women in ministry in the more traditionally conservative denominations. Calvary was the first Texas Baptist Church to call a woman as head pastor. If you just Google her name you can come up with a lot of her sermons, articles, interviews, etc. There are also recordings of a lot of her sermons online on Calvary's website. I especially admire how she addresses her critics with both grace and resolve and remains focused on sharing Christ's love above all else.


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