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Friday, November 09, 2007
Weekly Round-up
We have some thought provoking offerings from Emerging Women bloggers to highlight this week in our Weekly Round-up. I hope you enjoy what these women have put out there. As always if you find (or write) a post that you think should be included in this round-up email it to emergingwomen@gmail.com.

Becky Garrison has a new article up at The Ooze entitled LORD OF THE FLIES: Reflecting at the River Jordan.

Mother Laura has some wonderful thoughts on forgiveness posted.

Sonja listens to her kids talk and wonders what good is children's ministry, really.

Rachel has posted some of her favorite quotes from the recent Off the Map Conference.

Check out some good questions on original sin over at The Diary of a Doubting Believer.

H.W. posts her honest reaction to a recent church moms group she attended.

And I posted a series on my experiences with disability and faith (here, here, and here).


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