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Friday, January 12, 2007
Weekly round-up
Hello all. Time for our weekly round-up - check out what Emerging Women are blogging about -

Lydia reviews the book Furious Pursuit.

Jan has a few great posts this week. Read about a recent dinner with a marine and you have to see this picture representing celebrity worship.

Kim gives her reflections on the movie Freedom Writers.

Check out the thoughts on spiritual warfare over at Emerging Voices.

Amy adds her entry to the blog tag game.

Read about Jen's experiment with world hunger.

Cary at The Dwelling Place has a good rant about the bad theology present in children's Sunday School songs.

And while we're listing rants - I go off on helpfulness, rewards, bed bugs and new Star Wars books.

Don't forget that our discussion of Dance of the Dissident Daughter will start on Monday the 15th. So be thinking about the parts of the book you want to discuss. And as always you are welcome to join the conversation even if you haven't read (or finished) the book. And you might have noticed, the book for March has been selected. We will be reading Peter Rollins' How (not) to Speak of God which continues to receive high praise around the emerging(ent) world. I'm looking forward to reading it.

Have a great weekend!


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