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Friday, January 05, 2007
Weekly round-up
Life starts to return to post holiday normalness and the blogs get going again. Here's our EW Weekly round-up - enjoy!

Amy reflects on the issues with reading princess stories to her daughter.

Lisa writes about tribes in our postmodern culture.

I reflected on Medieval Praise and Worship.

Check out the new look at Jemila's blog and her reflections on the hanging of Saddam.

In the New Year's category -
Check out Jan's New Year's Resolutions here and here.

Caroline has some reflections on the new year and a few resolutions here.

Kim uses the new year to blog on busyness and productivity

And from Tiffanie here.

The blog tag continues with 5 Things you may not know about Jemila and me(Julie). Has anyone else played? Send me the link. If not consider yourself tagged!


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