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Thursday, July 13, 2006
Excommunicated from Emerg***
A dear sweet woman, a dedicated creative computer-graced gentleman, and an energetic young blogging-wizard have been falsely and fiercely maligned the last few days over something I did. And of all that I am sorry for in these matters, these injustices top the list. o Sherri, Kevin, and Julie: I am so sorry for the hurtful words, accusations and public pillorying that you have suffered. I hope you can find it in yourselves to forgive me for the injury and insult I have 'brought upon your houses.'
Lesser matters: I have been among the recipients of several group emails, excoriating the low-life that released the document to the light of day - and discussion. Not that is changes anything but I didn't know until last night that is was a contracted business document and that I sent glowing words of appreciation to those 'conversing'. Tony Jones' epistle asked-with-emphasis that the guilty party identify themselves to him (confession is good for the soul) and so I herewith confess to conversational espionage and treason; apologize to Kevin (already done), remove the post here at the blog (done before I could intervene), and recuse themselves from the discussion. Since the-organization-which-shan't-be-named-for-it-is-coprighted is fundamentally defined as "a conversation" (as opposed to an organization or structure), recusal from discussion is essentially excommunication. So, I have the dubious honor of being the first excommunicant of a non-existing but copyrighted church/faith organization. The inconvenient fact that I didn't know this was an inside, super secret and sensitive business document until last night and not to be shared because I am not on the committee that has been meeting for months is not relevant to charges of conversational espionage. Mea culpa. Take me away.
But that does ultimately beg the question: if I am not on the committee, what other yellow-belly low life emerg*** saboteur leaked/shared such sensitive and classified information with me? Who else might need to confess, apologize, and be silenced? You, dear readers, would do well to form your own opinions (ALWAYS a good idea), but I received the document from Tony Jones. I thought it went along with an exchange of emails between "T" and myself about women's voices on the blog and the upcoming overhaul of the website. He had suggested that the women should figure out what it was we wanted (segregated or not) and I thought I was trying to invite said women to share their convictions in an open forum. I had no idea I was committing crimes against the friendship (and truly had no idea that this was a bona fide business file). It has been education to be on the receiving end of some astonishing christian, friendly, inclusive, and diversity-embracing conversations the past 24 hours. I will be likewise interested to, silently, see how Tony deals with his own program of penance for repentance and reconciliation. Perhaps we have the second excommunicant.
The unfortunate initial misunderstanding has certainly shown a tone and spirit, a positioning and pathology, and a general antithesis of most of the values that so commended the-organization-which-shan't-be named. As I have shared with a number of folks in the last few hours, "Sad to see; good to know." And, as a nod to plain ol' common sense, a final observation: in a world where thousands of God's children are bleeding and dying, starving and crying, THIS is what we've gotten our knickers in a knot over??!! The heavens are surely weeping.
ExCom One
Liz Buxton
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  • At 7/13/2006 07:39:00 AM, Blogger ed c

    Wow, you completely lost me on that one. You were excommunicated from Emer****??? I didn't realize there was anything to be excommunicated from.

    Is this some sort of prank? I'm so dang gullible.

  • At 7/13/2006 09:11:00 AM, Blogger Makeesha

    it's ok, I'm totally lost too.

  • At 7/13/2006 10:48:00 AM, Blogger Michele L

    Because I haven't paid to "be a friend of Emergent"...is that where the discussion happens, or are you talking general discussion that any of us could have been a part of? I haven't looked into it completely, but was curious...since it doesn't sound you are a part of the "leadership" etc. So I am a little confused also.
    I do think though that when this movement is supposed to look less/not at all like the world around us, and more like Christ...this incident failed. We all fail and forgiveness is important, but I agree that Tony may need to take care of his part. As I said in other comments, I think that this whole thing was a misunderstanding, and could have been handled in a more appropriate manner. Whether his words were meant in a negative/condescending manner or not, it certainly hit me that way(just my perpective). As a representative of the Emergent movement, I would hope that a civil discussion and healing would occur between hurt parties. I appreciate your honesty, and pray for healing and resolution.

  • At 7/13/2006 12:52:00 PM, Blogger Julie

    I'm sorry that this misunderstanding occured. Its silly, but politics and commerce usurp relationships all to often. For those of you completely lost - something was posted here that apparently was a private document. It caused a little trouble and we were asked to remove it. The process was painful too a few of the people involved.

    Liz, I hope you know that you are not being asked to leave the broader conversation. Your voice is valued and necessary. You are welcomed and encouraged to continue posting here.

    I hope this can all get worked out and understanding reached. I know it makes things difficult for us as women trying to have a voice in this conversation and to be caught up in a silly misunderstanding. I hope we can move forward and continue growing in the conversation.


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