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Wednesday, June 06, 2007
Eyes on Darfur
This website was launched today by Amnesty International in hopes of shining a light on the tragedy in Darfur. They have apparently rented commercial satellites to basically "peep" over the walls in Darfur and show the world what is happening. Satellite images are being uploaded in as little as 24 hours after the fact, much faster than what has been available previously. The site shows villages already devastated by forces fighting in Darfur as well as highlights twelve villages that are at risk.

Best of all, there's opportunity to take action by either signing a global petition to purchasing a CD of John Lennon's music re-recorded by artists such as U2, Green Day, Christina Aguillera and Lenny Kravitz (out June 12th).

Take a look and then pass it along. The goal is basically international peer pressure.


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  • At 6/07/2007 09:37:00 AM, Blogger Janice

    Thanks for this Amy. Darfur is a huge tragedy - I am always looking for more ways to bring awareness of the issue and I will certainly pass this along, thanks for bringing the website to our attention!

  • At 6/07/2007 02:00:00 PM, Blogger Lyn H

    Thanks for this Amy. I agree with Janice's comments above, it is such a huge tragedy, which on the whole seems to be being ignored by politicians etc :( I've posted a link on my blog.

  • At 6/07/2007 05:23:00 PM, Blogger Linda

    I just wanted to add something about the refugees from Sudan. The book What is the What details the experience of one of the Lost Boys of the Sudan from the time he was fleeing the violence through his time in refugee camps, and takes a look at his life after being relocated to the U.S. Not only is it a fascinating story, but money from each book sold is donated to help the refugees of Sudan and people caught in the Sudan conflict. The main character of the book, Valentino Achak Deng, has a website (http://www.valentinoachakdeng.com/) that also gives some practical things we can do to help the people of Sudan. Please check it out, and find something you can do to help. It's not very difficult and may actually make an impact if enough people decide to act.

  • At 6/07/2007 05:55:00 PM, Blogger Julie

    Did anyone read the propaganda press conference last week where Sudanese leader denied that there was any violence or any refugees in Sudan (kinda like Baghdad Bob - there are no american tropps in our city...). This guy was complaining about the US sanctions and threatened to hurt us by withholding Sudan's main export 0 the gum base for cola products.

    As messed up as the press conference was, it brings up a major point. one of the major reasons the US hasn't gotten involved in Darfur sooner (like for the last 10+ years) is because cola companies lobbied for them not to. There have been some scary things done and overlooked just so we can continue to have our can of diet cola.

    So while I will sign the petition and most likely get the Instant Karma CD, I will also have to consider how my purchasing of cola products is funding social injustice.

  • At 6/07/2007 06:15:00 PM, Blogger Amy

    Linda, I'll check that book out. I'm always looking for a new book and if it benefits a good cause all the better.

    Julie, I didn't know about about the cola companies and that tie in Darfur. I will be rethinking my purchases as well.

    It reminds me of the discussion in "Blood Diamond" where Danny Archer (Leonardo DiCaprio) tells Maddy Bowen (Jennifer Connelly) that she has contributed to the state of fighting by wanting diamonds and wanting them at a price she can afford (speaking of all American women). It really made me think.

  • At 6/07/2007 09:22:00 PM, Blogger Linda

    Years ago (in the 70's, I believe), George Bush Sr. discovered oil in the southern portion of Sudan. While the discovery of oil may not have started the conflict, it is believed by some that the fight between northern and southern Sudan over oil has complicated the conflict and kept it more alive than it would have been otherwise.

    It is so difficult to understand the issues of Sudan because they are so very complex, but it seems to me that the conflict won't end until significant numbers of individuals and governments put pressure on the leaders of Sudan.

    Oh, and Julie, the officials in Sudan also say there is no child slavery, that there are only consensual work arrangements made by families that are too poor to provide for their families. Disgusting!

  • At 6/08/2007 09:02:00 PM, Blogger Jemila Monroe

    Thanks for posting this and providing resources -- it's good to learn and good to learn what we can DO. I also didn't know about the Cola connection. Cola also rots our teeth and insides, and contributes to bone loss, so we'd all do well to lose it anyway.

  • At 6/11/2007 04:47:00 PM, Blogger Lydia

    Yeah, what Jemila said (on both counts). :)


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