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Friday, May 18, 2007
Weekly Round-up and Happy Blogoversary!
Hi All

Before I point you all to some of the great EW posts from this past week, I want to announce that tomorrow Emerging Women turns one. So Happy Birthday to Us!

I started the blog a year ago mostly as a way for the women who had attended the Emerging Women ReGathering to stay in touch. There had been much talk that weekend about using our collective voice, to make our presence known in the emerging conversation, and to work towards getting more books by women published in the emerging world. This blog was meant as a resource and encouragement to achieve those ends. It has since grown to be more inclusive of all who are interested in exploring what it means to be an emerging woman. I personally have been blessed beyond measure by the women here and want to thank everyone for the ongoing conversation.

What are your thoughts? Are we achieving the original goals of this blog (should those goals even exist)? As we move into our second year of existence what needs to change, what needs to grow, and what should stay the same? How can we serve women better and just in general be a better resource? How can our voice make more of an impact on the emerging conversation?

I would love to hear your thoughts. And just to highlight a few of the amazing women here who are using their voice, here are some blog posts of note from Emerging Women. Enjoy.

Kim has started a new blog and has a really interesting post up titled Naked Figureheads Have More Fun.

Jan pulls from a variety of recent experiences to reflect on proving ourselves.

Kim Wilkens had an article published recently in her alumni magazine about her experiences in Honduras.

Makeesha has some good thoughts on Christianity, hip-hop music, and living as an exile.

Lyn reviews the new book Jim and Casper Go To Church.

Have a Great Weekend.

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