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Tuesday, April 17, 2007
Blog Stuff and It's Time to Vote
Okay random blog/community stuff to talk about.

Sometime in the next few weeks we will be starting projects that should help us connect to other Emerging Women more easily and get the voices of Emerging women out there in the blog world. So look forward to that.

Blog aesthetics. As part of the Amazon Associates thing I've turned on a function that allows amazon to search the blog for book titles and add links to them for us. Why - well its helpful to have links to things we are talking about and not everyone knows how to write HTML and it could up the purchases from our Emerging Women Amazon store and bring in more donations. (and of course it makes amazon more money). I'm not sure I'm liking it - especially since it links to phrases that were not meant to be in reference to a book (although apparently amazon sells a book by that title). Anyway, all this to ask - what are your thoughts? Have you noticed? Is the advertising too intrusive or just wrong for us? Let me know.

And on the silly fun side of things. Since today is an election day around here (must remember to go vote when daughter wakes up from nap!) and the local races have been ugly, I am going to break the law of restrictions for nonprofit groups and tell you guys who to vote for. I recently stumbled upon the Blogger's Choice Awards. These are, of course, a silly subjective set of awards, but fun to browse all the same. (I had no idea Will Wheaton had a blog! be still my jr. high heart...). You can nominate and vote for your favorite blogs (you get multiple votes). Just because I could, I nominated Emerging Women for Best Religion Blog.

My site was nominated for Best Religion Blog!

The thing is, most of the really great (and highly ranked on technorati) emerging church blogs have just 1 or 2 votes. So my vote is to get the word out and encourage people vote for those blogs that are exploring these emerging questions. (so far I see that blogs like Jesus Creed, Urban Abbess, TallSkinnyKiwi, and (e)mergent voyageurs have been nominated. You have to search for them (by their url) since they are buried in the lists. Let us know if there are others you think EW should vote for!)

Have fun!


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  • At 4/17/2007 07:29:00 PM, Anonymous lisa

    I have to admit that my personal response to the links was negative because of how it affected a comment I left after the post "They Like Jesus but Not the Church." The new system linked a couple of my phrases to books which I have not read and was not intending to endorse or refer to. I felt uncomfortable about it looking like I had intentionally put those hyperlinks into my comment. So that was weird for me.

  • At 4/17/2007 10:15:00 PM, Anonymous Becky Garrison

    I would nominate Sarcastic Lutheran, Jonny Baker, and The Complex Christ (Kester Brewin) as well. They are all active blogs with a lot of good info.


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