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Wednesday, April 11, 2007
St. Teresa of Avila Presentation
At the recent Emerging Women Midwest Gathering, Elsie Rivera Palabrica gave a presentation on St. Teresa of Avila as a woman who re-imagined. Due to technical difficulties, we were unable to show the powerpoint with all of the illustrations. But she has made the presentation on St. Teresa of Avila, monasticism and centering prayer is available to anyone who would like a copy (in pdf or powerpoint format). Let us know if you'd like a copy, with notes, emailed to you by leaving a comment or sending an email to emergingwomen@gmail.com.

Elsie also writes - "The centering prayer website recommended in the presentation is www.centeringprayer.com. The text of the most popular book on centering prayer, Open Heart, Open Mind by Thomas Keating, is available at www.centeringprayer.com/OpenHeart/index.htm - note, this link isn't directly accessible through the main website so be sure to bookmark it."

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