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Thursday, April 12, 2007
Hello everyone! I thought I'd come and introduce myself as I've just been added to the members list so I will be posting now and then. My name is Lyn, I'm 32 and I've been married to Jonathan for 9 years. We have two children, Benjamin (8 in May) and Grace (6 in May). We live in Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom. I'm a Registered Nurse, but I'm currently on a career break so that I can do some studying. I'm taking a course in Environmental Science which I'm finding quite tough at times, but persevering with it! Jonathan is a Church Pastor. We have been on a really eventful past 5 - 6 years where our faith has been almost stripped of everything we used to believe, and gradually built back up a totally different way! If I'm really honest we are just hanging on in there by a thread in regards to church ministry. Not a lot of people within our local church share our thoughts, they are very happy with the church and it's structure, programs etc and have no desire to seek anything more.

I have been "lurking" at Emerging Women since January. I have found it hard finding women who share similar thoughts and experiences in regards to christianity, so I was overjoyed to find this blog at the beginning of the year. I occasionally post at The Ooze, but most of my online community consists of blogs I visit, which you can see if you visit my blog Beyond the 4 Walls.

My hobbies include cooking, photography and I'm attempting to do my own art work - and I mean attempting! I love creation, so I enjoy going for walks with my camera in tow! I also really enjoy reading. I'm currently reading Michael Frost's Exiles which is a very good book. I'm quite a missional minded person, and would love to see an end to social injustice - it makes my heart really hurt.

If there is anything else you want to know about me feel free to ask!
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