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Sunday, December 03, 2006
Joy and Graciousness
So often we are asked to define ourselves, to provide a list of statements that say what we believe. My friend Myles posted this on our community blog. It is beautiful. I hope there isn't a list of statements that define me, but I would love my community to be defined like this:

Spiritual Formation seems to be a buzz phrase right now, yet most people aren’t really sure what is meant when it is used.

Simply, we long to be a community who is spiritually forming. We seek the way of Jesus, not through religious doctrines and beliefs, but through the deeper experience found in God’s presence in the world. We desire to align ourselves with the harmony found in God’s rhythm. We seek God’s rhythm in the way we think, in the way we speak, and in the way we act. We see that harmonizing with God’s rhythm comes through the commitment of mental development and discipline as well as through the openness and humility found in community, and through strengthening our minds in meditation as well as committing our hearts to compassion.

We seek balance through the growth found in inner reflection and formation found in outward action. We seek God’s overwhelming presence, God’s presence in nature and God’s presence in poverty. We seek the Joy found in the beauty of the sunset as well as the Graciousness found in the company of the marginalized. We desire to be a home for the seeker. We pray to be individuals of joy, a community of graciousness, and a space for hospitality. We long to let the transforming harmony of God’s rhythm form our spirits.


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