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Wednesday, November 15, 2006
Emerging Women Book Club
Let’s get together and explore ideas. Emerging Women are coming together online for a virtual book discussion. Through our blog we can discuss new ideas, explore theology and culture, grow in faith and understanding, and learn more about ourselves and others as we delve into a book a month.

From your suggestions a book will be chosen for each month’s discussion. Some of the books will be mainly theological, some philosophical, some historical, and others spiritual (or a combination thereof). Some books will be comfortable and others will force us to stretch our understanding and consider new ideas and fresh perspectives. The discussion will open on the 15th of each month and will be easily accessible through a sidebar link. (update - We will post on every Tuesday of the month)

We encourage everyone who can to participate. Try to read the book, but feel free to join in the discussion no matter how much you managed to read. We ask that everyone engage respectfully and be aware that there are diverse voices represented here.

If you have suggestions for books to be discussed, please email Jemila at jemilakmonroe@yahoo.com. Also feel free to post reviews/comment on other books you are reading. If there is a book (or chapter even) that you think other emerging women could learn from, tell us about it! Engage us with your thoughts and share with us what you are learning.

So find the books and start reading! Enjoy.

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  • At 8/30/2008 11:41:00 PM, Anonymous missauthor

    Inviting all women into The Pink Forest by Dana Dorfman... An empowering read about a woman's affair with wisdom-


    Media Contact:
    Dana Dorfman

    A Woman’s Affair with Wisdom: The Pink Forest

    HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA – The Pink Forest is a book set in thought. The temptation to wander into life by engaging the reader to step inside a magnetic moment is truly the magic of Dana Dorfman’s writing. Dorfman’s authoring language unfolds through interaction, offering the reader pieces of experience that the reader takes as their own. Through the effects of the moment, the reader is drawn into the experience of the main character and thus does not read this book but leaves their footprints in its pages. Through this rendezvous of self, Dorfman is able to use moments to signal fame, heroism, significance as well as predetermination, and thus provides the reader an opportunity to interact with experiences that remove personal limitations and add life changing meaning to their existence.

    The Pink Forest is about a woman who has an affair with wisdom. In a transcendent moment, she steps out of the maze of skepticism and transforms the reader into the experience of many happenings. With her character accessible, a unique fusion occurs and the reader slips into her honesty. This courageous feminine read goes far beyond bug-jewel sandals and striped pumps, and applauds an ordinary woman in her super-hero moments. For every woman who has ever wanted to stop her life and let her conscience hop out at the curb, you will welcome the power you gain in The Pink Forest. The Pink Forest is a downpour of philosophy that allows interpretation to drench fixed meaning. The premise that meaning can be changed by focusing on the moment is appealing.

    About the author: Dorfman is an interactive writer who weaves knowing with doing. Momentologist, Femaleosopher and Greetingologist, Dorfman writes about the moments that we travel through from a distance and the moments that cannot slip away untold. There are few authors that can catch your moments like Dorfman can. Her charm lies not just in her artistry but in the way she leads your presence on to the written page. Through the effects of the moment, Dorfman brings the reader to life by turning the reader into an “experiencer.” The moment is so magnetic, the last thing the reader remembers in this book is their eyes falling upon its pages.

    About Greetingology: Greetingology is the downpour of unfixed meaning. How one greets a moment can change one’s life. How one greets one's life can change the moment. Greetingology is all about daily presence, internal observation and shared understanding.

    About Momentology: Momentology is the” renaissance of awareness.” A “renaissance of awareness” is when we are numerous and singular, detailed and opaque, noticeable and hidden, flowing and constant. Moments are the vehicle that make life our companion. Moments are more than just a tick of a clock. The meaning of one’s existence is found in the moment. “Feel your hands. Did you just feel your hands or was it the moment?”

    About Femaleosophy: Femaleosophy is a woman’s affair with wisdom. It is about plausible explanation, the dimension of awareness and the female path of space that entices women to look at what is powerful, not obvious.

    There is a new look coming up for women – it is called Femaleosophy – and it is all about women, their strength and their wisdom.

    "The Pink Forest...is a KNOCKOUT!"

    Carol Connors, Two-time Oscar-nominated songwriter from the film Rocky

    "Dorfman delivers enlightenment in a book that is life changing."

    Bee Beyer, Editor, The Hollywood Times

    "Insight into a woman who slips out of her conscience and into something more comfortable—her life!"

    Tony Campo, Editor, Celebrity Society Magazine

    The Pink Forest by Dana Dorfman is available at DanaDorfman.com (including autographed copies), Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com and at Bookstores everywhere!


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