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Friday, November 10, 2006
Weekly round-up
Time for a weekly round-up. Here are a few posts I found of interest this week from emerging women. As always if you discover any posts you think should be highlighted let me know.

And I’ve decided to create a section on the sidebar for Friends of Emerging Women (or something to that effect – pass on better phrases if you think of any). So if you know any guys are gals who aren’t necessarily members of this blog, but support what we are doing who would like their blog/website listed on the EW site please let me know and I’ll put the info up. Personal or church sites only please (and nothing that’s purely commercial).

And now for the round-up. Read, add comments, enjoy. Support EW bloggers!

Jan over at A Church for Starving Artists has some good thoughts about taking days off (especially for those in ministry.)

Kim over at Random Thoughts from a Housewife has a great post reflecting on the original purposes for Mother’s Day.

There are a few thoughts on the dangers of blogging over at Eternal Echoes.

And I posted some rambling thoughts on Creation Care and Church over at onehandclapping.


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