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Wednesday, April 02, 2008
Upcoming Book Discussions
As you might have noticed, we recently posted the list of upcoming books for our Emerging Women book club discussions. Thanks for the input many of you have given and the interest in participating in a variety of ways in these discussions. We tried to select a variety of options that represent different genres and opinions. I hope these books can lead us into some meaningful discussions. So over the next few months we will be reading and discussing -

  • May -
    Animal, Vegetable, Miracle
    by Barbara Kingsolver

  • June -
    Looking For God
    by Nancy Ortberg

  • July -
    The New Christians
    by Tony Jones

  • August -
    The Shack
    by William P. Young

  • September -
    The Chocolate Cake Sutra
    by Geri Larkin

  • If anyone is interested in leading part of the discussion on any of these books, just let us know! I'm looking forward to the discussions.


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