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Wednesday, February 13, 2008
Book Club Update
Our book discussion of Forever and Ever, Amen will resume next Tues -- I have been simply trying to keep my head above water this week.

I would love ideas and suggestions from all you about how to go at this discussion and future ones so as many as possible feel engaged and interested. What kinds of questions are on your heart that you'd like to see explored through our book discussions? What, if anything, is preventing from engaging with the books and ideas? Would you like a break from book discussions for a while to focus on the interviews of emerging women instead? This is a safe place, so any feedback is very welcome.

Thank you all for being you, for your beautiful questioning hearts, for being about God's being in the world!


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  • At 2/13/2008 11:39:00 AM, Blogger Lydia

    I'm kind of booked out at the moment. I'll probably participate in the discussion of the book that's coming up about the man who tried to live according to OT law for one year because it's something that really interests me, but other than that....

    I don't know whether or not we should take a break from the book club.

  • At 2/13/2008 12:14:00 PM, Blogger One Voice of Many

    I'm sorry I haven't participated in the discussions lately. I work all day and do some side work in the evening so I have slacked off on my reading lately.

    I try to read behind everyone else though. I know it can be discouraging getting participation. Thank you for hanging in there :)



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