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Monday, January 14, 2008
Any Narnia fans out there? Caspian is coming in 121 days.
Greetings all,

I was tooling around just now and I was happy to find Prince Caspian is coming out May 16.

Did anybody enjoy the last film?

I really liked it. I ADORED the books as a child, and have very much enjoyed reading them to my daughter. I was glad to see the new film will be coming out as I think my daughter can probably see this one now that she a little older. She was too younger the last time to get much out of the film but has really come to love the DVD.

I saw the trailer, and the only thing I felt was regrettable--that really stood out right away--was how old the "children" looked. Lucy looks about 10 years old or so, and the story she should be about 6-7. The film wasn't shot too quickly after LWW was finished, and I guess they were not sure if it would succeed and if other films would be forthcoming.

Anyway, anybody planning to see the film, any Narnia fans out there, or just me?

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  • At 1/15/2008 04:44:00 AM, Blogger Kathryn

    I LOVE Narnia - suspect that more of my theology is based on those books than any clergybird should care to admit - and will certainly see the film. But I have to say that Prince Caspian is my least favourite of the books...I'd love to see what a good director could make of The Silver Chair, or Voyage of the Dawn Treader - but I guess Prince Caspian is an easier plot to develop for the screen...after all, it does involve that oh-so-crucial battle scene. Ah well. Something to look forward to for sure

  • At 1/15/2008 07:13:00 AM, Blogger Lydia

    Yep, I'll be seeing it.

    I have to say that Prince Caspian is my least favourite of the book

    Interesting. The Horse and His Boy is my least favourite Narnia book.

    I'm still hoping that someone will make a movie out of The Last Battle one day, though.

  • At 1/15/2008 12:44:00 PM, Blogger Robin M.

    The Horse and His Boy is my most favorite Narnia book.

    But I probably won't see this movie either. I am still not taking my children to see movies with that much violence.

  • At 1/15/2008 01:46:00 PM, Blogger Julie

    I'll see it. Caspian was my favorite of the books when I was a kid. I liked the first movie, it wasn't perfect, but it was still good.

    We're not letting Emma watch them until we have read her the books though, so viewing will depend on getting a sitter. I am really interested to see what political messages get conveyed in this version since those themes are present in the book.

  • At 1/17/2008 11:25:00 PM, Blogger medium guy

    C.S. Lewis cracks me up! I recently reread some and first-read some of the Narnia series and I enjoyed them greatly. Here's my quick take:

    Lion, Witch, Wardrobe - Fabulous

    Caspian - not bad, but I think suffers from the sophomore slump shadow of Lion, Witch, Wardrobe

    Dawn Treader - deep, no pun intended

    Silver Chair - I love that the protagonist is female, accompanied by a marshwiggle! Of course, CS Lewis gets his patriarchal shots in here [ie all those perjorative comments about "alternative schools" where girls aren't taught to act ladylike, etc.]

    Horse and His Boy - my third favorite, although here Lewis provides some of the more unambiguous disturbing racial overtones [ie those "dark Calormenes with their scimitars," as opposed to the "fair Narnians" - hmmm...]

    Magician's Nephew - I'm sure I'm in the minority by declaring this my favorite - although I am a sucker for "prequels" But I love the creation story, the theme of interconnectedness, and the AHA moment of "So THAT's where the lamp post comes from!"

    Last Battle - a very close second favorite, this one had me on the edge of my seat hardly daring to breathe!

  • At 1/18/2008 03:44:00 PM, Blogger Sensuous Wife

    I'm very much looking forward to the movie. The older I get the more moving I find The Chronicles of Narnia. That scene with the lamb and the lilies at the end of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader always reduces me to tears. So much beauty that my little "beauty overdrive tearmaking system" goes into motion.


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