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Wednesday, October 10, 2007
New Emerging Parents Blog

Hi all, I'm back from the Emergent Gathering in New Mexico. It was a refreshing gathering of friends and the conversations I had were amazing. We had a good Emerging Women lunch, which I will blog about in a day or two, but first I want to spread the word about a new venture that came out of this Gathering.

One of the sessions I attended was a discussion on holistic emerging parenting. The men and women who attended were all seeking to connect with other parents on this emerging journey on how to integrate our "new" expressions of faith in with how we raise our children. Most of us have felt unable to connect with the typical Christian parenting group, and were longing to find others of like mind to engage with. Our conversation there was lively - covering topics as diverse as discipline, salvation, and how to handle Christmas and Birthdays. We all wished at the end that we could continue those conversations, and so we decided to create a blog to be a spot to do so.

Hence the creation of the Emerging Parents blog. It is, like this blog, an open membership blog. Since we have had so many good conversations on parenting issues here I wanted to share this new resource with you all. Not that parenting topics can't continue here, but just that this is a more focused area for those. It is of course brand new without much content yet, but hopefully we can all develop that together. So check it out, jump in one the conversations, join if you want, and let's explore emerging parenting together.

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