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Monday, August 27, 2007
Prayer synchroblog posts
We are really amazed by how many people have taken part in the synchroblog today. As promised here are the links for those of you who want to read some of what has been written. I'll update the list if and when more entries are posted. There are some really excellent posts out there. Thank you to everyone here who has taken part. One thing evident in the majority of posts is that a lot of people are on a new journey and understanding in their prayer life, it is like God is stirring things up.

Cindy Bryan Teach Me to Pray…Again?
Lyn Hallewell God, Prayer and Me
Erin Word Prayer=Sex with God
Rick Meigs Prayer Helps that Get Me Deeper
Alan Knox Pray without Ceasing
Julie Clawson Prayer Synchroblog
Heather Synchroblog Prayer
Alex (Heather’s Husband) Prayer Synchroblog II
Lydia How Do You Pray
Che Vachon My Thoughts…
Paul Mayers Praying and Learning to Pray Again
Sonja Andrews The Appearance of Holiness
Jon Peres How Do I Pray?
Paul Walker One Congregation Experiments with Emerging Prayer
Susan Barnes Synchroblog: How Do You Pray?
Brother Maynard Fear Not the Silence
Nate Peres How Do I Pray?
Barry Taylor Synchroblog:How Do You Pray?
Emerging Grace Clearance Sale on Intercession Books
Jim Lehmer Synchroblog - How Do You Pray?
Lew A How Do You Pray? - Synchroblog
Jon Hallewell When I’m Spoken To
Deb Prayer Synchroblog
Barb Prayer without Throwing Things
Patti Blount How Do I Pray
Doug Jones How I Pray
Glenn Hagar Prayer Phases
Pam Hogeweide The Art of Blue Tape Spirituality
Mary How Do I Pray?
Rhonda Mitchell Prayer SynchroBlog
John Smulo Praying Naturally
Rachel Warwick How Do You Pray?
Barbara Legere How to Not Pray
Jonathan Brink Posture - Sitting With My Daddy
Andy How Do I Pray
Cynthia Clack How Do I Pray
Makeesha Fisher The Mystery of Prayer


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  • At 8/28/2007 06:51:00 AM, Anonymous Sarah Chia

    These are some great links. Thanks for posting them.

    I just discovered your site through Scot McKnight, and I wanted to say, "hi."

    I'm super excited about the book club posts that you're doing. I'm hoping to join in for September, if I can scrounge up the money for the book. :)

  • At 8/28/2007 10:29:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous

    How does one participate in syncroblog?


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