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Monday, June 25, 2007
Hello all,

I have been meaning to take a minute to introduce myself for weeks now, but life is so busy. I am a stay at home mom with three children ages 3, 2 and 5 months. I am very interested in the emerging church movement and am involved in the planning of a new gathering which we call The Village. The vision of our group is to focus on missional living and drawing those that have been hurt by or are for some reason suspicious of the church into our midst and showing them the love of Jesus. Our core group is all members of the local United Methodist Church, but we are meeting at a local funeral home for our weekly gathering. No, there is not any reason for us meeting at a funeral home other than the owner liked what he heard about what we were trying to do and offered us the use of the space for free. Ideally we would love to eventually have a warehouse sort of a space that we could have complete creative freedom with, but for now we are feeling happy and blessed with the space that we have.

I am not a great writer, but I do post on my blog often. I do not know how often I will end up posting here, but I am happy to have the ability to do so if I think I have something that is of some quality to add to the conversation. I am an artist and I often post my paintings on my blog. I usually post updates of what I am working on as I am working on it. Today I posted the idea for my next painting. The idea was born from a situation that our spiritual family is dealing with at this time. Please feel free to comment on my blog at any time!!!

I enjoy reading everyone's posts here and love knowing that there are other women out there that have similar thoughts and questions about the church and Christianity.

God Bless,
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  • At 6/25/2007 06:23:00 PM, Blogger Lydia

    Welcome, Liza.

    Wow, three kids under the age of four? You must be busy! (but very blessed :) )

    Is the funeral home owner a member of The Village?

    I am not a great writer, but I do post on my blog often.

    Blogging is a good way to sharped one's writing skills. I don't blog very often these days, but I used to do it almost daily. :)

  • At 6/26/2007 12:19:00 AM, Blogger Michele L

    Hi Liza,
    Welcome! It sounds like you have your hands full. It also sounds like you have some wonderful things happening in your life. I hope to hear more about your community. I will have to check out your blog and artwork!

  • At 6/26/2007 11:14:00 AM, Blogger Jemila Monroe

    Hi Liza,

    How's it going? Welcome!

  • At 6/26/2007 03:54:00 PM, Blogger Sensuous Wife

    Welcome, Liza! I'm reading your blog now. So glad you're here! :)SW

  • At 6/26/2007 04:26:00 PM, Blogger Amy

    Hi, Liza! I also have three kiddos (now 6, 4 1/2 & 3).



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