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Thursday, November 02, 2006
Weekly round-up
Hope you all are having a great week and are not suffering too much from Halloween candy overload… ;)

Here’s this weeks list of posts I think you should check out. Read, comment, support our voices! And as always, if you find a post you think should be highlighted, please let me know!

Makeesha over at In His Courts has a fantastic series of posts about sex. She has some great insights, and it is refreshing to see the issue approached from a Christian yet ot legalistic perspective.

Jemila at Quirky Grace has a very touching post about Spiritual Lessons of a four year old.

Elizabeth at Still Emerging raises some good questions about rethinking membership in emerging churches.

Caroline at Remembering the Alabaster Jar has some great thoughts on daylight savings time and social change.

And for the Halloween round-up - check out some insightful thoughts, cute pictures, and just plain fun stuff at A Church for Starving Artists, Sarcastic Lutheran, onehandclapping, and wendykate.


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