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Sunday, October 15, 2006
Recommended Reading Resources
In an attempt to continue to provide resources for those who are interested, here are a few lists for you -

At the Emerging Women East Coast Gathering each of the presenters were asked to recommend three books. For those who responded, their recommendations were included in our gathering booklet. The recommendations were of all types. Many related to gender issues in the church, some were "emerging", some were fiction, some were heavy theology, and others popular spirituality. It was a diverse list that I have had fun exploring. I have created two lists (it was too long for one) on Amazon so we could share these recommendations with everyone. Click on the links for -
Emerging Women East Coast Gathering Recommended Reading Part 1
Emerging Women East Coast Gathering Recommended Reading Part 2

I've also created an Emerging Church Recommended Reading list. This is a list of popular books written mostly with post-evagelicals in mind. Most of these books are easy to read and are accessible to anyone interested in discovering more about the Emerging Church conversation. There are of course many more books I could recommend (including those that are more strictly theological or philosophical), but I thought these made for a good introduction.

So if you're interested - happy clicking and happy reading...


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  • At 10/16/2006 10:04:00 AM, Blogger Michelle K

    I love the reading list that you've compiled. I've read the McLaren books and have recently been introduced to Lammot. I LOVE her descriptions!

  • At 10/16/2006 10:31:00 AM, Blogger Michele L

    Thanks for putting this together. I have read many of these also, and they have been great. I love to read so keep us up to date.


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