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Friday, July 27, 2007
Weekly Round-up
Once again its weekly round-up time (sorry for skipping last week). These are just a few of the great things emerging women are writing about these days. I encourage you to visit the sites and leave comments. And as always you are welcome to send in posts you think should be included in any weekly round up (including your own) to emergingwomen@gmail.com. Enjoy!

Jan recounts an interesting exchange she had with a mom at Vacation Bible School.

Nadia posted her sermon on Ruth and Mary Magdalene.

Makeesha has some great thoughts on the church as organism.

Thanks to Heather for posting this.

And you are encouraged to go support emerging women whose articles were recently published on other sites.

Sally Coleman's retelling of Luke 7:36-8:3 was republished on The Ooze - read it here.

Becky Garrison has an interview with Kester Brewin up at The Ooze.

and I (Julie) have the first part of a story chronicling my attempts to buy an ethically made bra (yes, bra) up at the God's Politics Blog. (if anything the comments are worth the read just to see how many grown men can't see women as more than sexual objects...)


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