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Friday, March 23, 2007
Weekly Round-up
As part of this week's Weekly Round-Up, I want to say some huge thank yous.

First I want to thank all the great people who helped make the recent EW gathering happen. Many people gave of their time to make the experience work for everyone. I want to thank everyone who led workshops and discussion groups - thanks for lending your knowledge and experience and passions to the rest of us. And thanks to everyone who helped with set-up, hospitality, and clean-up.

Thanks too to Sarah Notton for helping plan all the details, Sarah Sayles for coordinating the music, Elizabeth Potter for her good ideas and willingness to help with anything, and Kristine Socall for taking charge of hospitality stuff. (and for all being awesome people!)

We also want to thank the groups that sponsored us. They helped provide advertising, resources, and scholarships. A big thanks to them for their help!

And now to highlight a few emerging women posts -

Nadia reflects on a recent retreat with the Urban Servants Corps.

Read about holistic theology over at Eternal Echoes.

There's a review of Lisa Samson's new book Quaker Summer over at Calacirian. I'm all for supporting emerging women writers!

From Linda -
"I wanted to tell you about a brand new ministry I started recently called ‘Christ Driven Women’ and would appreciate any help you can give as far as ideas, resources, wisdom, prayer & help bringing other women to the website. www.ChristDrivenWomen.com. It is all still very new as you will see but I’m hoping to get some discussions going on the forums ASAP. I see the forums as being one of the driving forces in this ministry to get women talking & connected with other women church leaders around the globe. My goal is to get other women involved in this ministry & see it as a huge ministry to helping women be all they can be for the sake of Christ."

Enjoy and have a great weekend!

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  • At 3/25/2007 08:14:00 AM, Blogger anne

    Linda, my suggestion for your new web site would be to network, network and network online. Join other Christian women forums or groups. Try www.ryze.com and search groups there. There are also a few I've participated in or done work for:
    Also, Marlo Boux of www.smallbusinessmoms.com just wrote an ebook about women in leadership; she might be a good person to connect with as well.
    Just in case you don't already know this, online networking has its own established etiquette - primarily that you participate to forge relationships and offer support but not to solicit for your own site/business, especially when you're new. Anyway, I hope this is a little helpful. Beautiful site - perhaps some of those who attend your church might help jumpstart the forums?


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