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Wednesday, March 21, 2007
Finding Sabbath Poem
At the Emerging Women Gathering, Sarah Sayles led a workshop called "Creative Worship in the Everyday". The women attending this workshop collaborated on a poem that expressed that theme in their lives. Here it is for all to enjoy!

Finding Sabbath

If I don't clean the house
why would I take care of my temple?

Because it's a lot harder
to shove your thighs in the closet
when your friends come over!

Even when I think I outta be playing
cards with my kids

I know I'm better off seeking
God's face on my exercycle...
or when I'm driving my car
(with my eyes open!)

I cry out to God

It's better than cursing the other drivers
and the traffic doesn't care anyhow.

When I'm in a good place
it's worshipful to do the dishes
or shop and clean the bathroom

I can declare what God has done
to the dust bunnies under the chair.

How can I remember God
in the clamor of this world?
Life can be so loud
so distracting

How can I remember to not forget?

Bring an offering and come before God
with willing heart.

We lay before you -

a joyful heart
dog hair
a clean house
a good meal
fresh-baked cookies
an abundance of kind words
puppy kisses

Find Sabbath in all of these things.

Midwest Emerging Women's Gathering

March 17, 2007

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