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Sunday, January 18, 2009
What Would You Like To Inagurate?
"One. Trillion. Dollars."

TIME says that's Obama's take on what we are called to invest to kick-start the U.S. economy.

On Tuesday Barack Obama will take the next step in expressing his vision for this country and inviting us to celebrate and invest in that vision. And when the dude says invest, he is talking about your heart, your mind and yes your your share in one trillion dollars. It will be the inaguration of a ginormous investment. Invest almost enough and you may get modest improvements or even continued loss...Invest fully and appropriately to the situation and you may live to see a fabulous rising of what was dead (can we say that last 8 years!) into new life.

Like, can you imagine a half-dead Jesus limping down off the cross?

Invest Fully and something may come alive in you that was dead before. What could it be?

What is the spirit inviting you to inagurate in your life? What investment would it take to kick-start your Life?

What's state of the union between you and Spirit like in your inner economy: downturn or upturn? What would make YOU a full-out expression of the Creator's greatness as you look toward inagurating a new day in our country's history and a new day in the living herstory of God's Life in YOU?

Happy Inaguration Ladies (and you nice guys out there who like EW),

Love & Peace,
Jemila K


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