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Wednesday, February 18, 2009
Changes at Emerging Women
I am happy to announce that the long awaited changes here at Emerging Women have finally arrived. I'm excited to be moving ahead with this community and look forward to our future conversations. Most of the Emerging Women members already know about these changes, but for the broader community of readers, here's a summary of what's happening and why.

- From now on, Emerging Women will exist exclusively at the domain www.emergingwomen.us. Some of you may already be using this address, but until now it simply forwarded to the blogspot site. We will no longer be hosted at Blogger and are happy to have a cleaner more navigable site, so please update your links!

- The continued growth of Emerging Women means that we can no longer function as a membership based blog - there's just too many of us! But we will continue to be as open source as possible. We still want the blog to represent the voices and thoughts of a wide variety of women, so we are looking for your submissions. We are still looking for articles, book/movie reviews, stories, interviews, creative writings, questions, resources, links, and news items to share on the blog. So feel free to send those submissions at any time to emergingwomen(at)gmail(dot)com.

- But even without membership, Emerging Women desires to be a resource helping connect those in the emerging church to the women's voices in its midst. We will continue to have two blogrolls for this purpose. One will feature any (appropriate) emerging woman blogger who wants to be on the list. The other will include any websites, organizations, or men's blogs who want to be "friends of emerging women." The point is to connect us all together.

- All of the old posts will be at the new blog. It just might take some time to update the author info on each one.

I'm excited to see how the conversation develops and look forward to reconnecting with all of you at the new site!

- Julie Clawson


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